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Just Doing My Best: Clean Out and Sell

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Clean Out and Sell

Spring is a great time of year to purge your home of the items that have worn out their welcome. While some people prefer to automatically donate the items, which is wonderful and admirable, today I'm going to list the options for selling your items. Come back later this week for donating ideas. Do you have other ideas for selling your unneeded items?

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I'd trade everything I'd sell for someone to come clean it out/take it away for me! Where to find the time!?!?!?
Good list, Heather! Another idea for selling items such as furniture, appliances or other larger items that are in good shape is listing them in the newspaper "for sale" section or in a local shoppers guide.
Can't think of anything to add to the list but I have had great success buying/selling at Kid's consignment sales. I usually go to one that is held 2 times a year- just when you are ready to start buying clothes for the next season.
Great post! Sometimes, selling the stuff is just too much work for me! I just load it up into bags and drop it off at Goodwill! But I have been wanting to get in on the local consignment sale here.
I've seen people proposing that idea on Craigslist! You might get some takers. LOL!

Thanks! I totally forgot about the newspaper. Wow, can't believe I forgot that! Thanks for reading and sharing.

I have heard those sales are amazing. I really need to get myself to one soon!

You aren't the only one that finds donating easier. I will have a post up on that soon. I've thought about just bagging it all up often, rather than selling first, just to get the area cleaned out.
Thanks for reading!
Just did some spring cleaning and got rid of a lot of stuff, I donate them to a local resale place and some of the kid stuff I took to Once Upon a Child and got some cash back, which I will be using when we go on vacation in a couple of weeks!

I love yard sales and rummage sales, you can always find great things for cheap!

- I am visiting from Blissfully Domestic!
I love garage sales. We have two a year. One in the spring/summer and one in the fall. You have some great suggestions!
We buy and sell on Craig's List all the time! Great for toys and furniture!

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