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Just Doing My Best: Shopping for Free

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Shopping for Free

I love going to my local consignment shop because I usually shop for free. Sound to good to be true? It's not and it just takes a little planning. At the beginning of each season, I am faithful to make my appointment to bring in the items I want to sell. I usually make two appointments since I have growing children and she has an item limit.

Then, a few weeks later when I stop in to see if there are any new bargains that my family needs, I do not request the cash or a check for the items that she has sold. I simply let her keep it in my account and whenever I need to buy something, she simply deducts it from what she owes me. I have only had to pay out of pocket a few times.

The deal is even sweeter when I stop by on the sale and clearance days. At the end of the season, she clearances items for $1 and I buy ahead for the next season, all from the account I have built up.

You could shop for free too, just check with your local shop and ask about their policies. If you stop by the store regularly, you will build a rapport with the staff and will be aware of any store policy changes.

For more tips, visit Works for me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer.

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Great tips!! Thanks for sharing.
Sounds like you worked out an excellent deal there -good for you!
I totally need to check around and see where the nearest consignment shop is around here! Thanks!
That's a good tip. Way to save!
Good idea! I have often thought of doing this, but never bothered with it.

I wonder if they'd take back the clothes I bought there?!?! :)

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