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Just Doing My Best: New Season at the Consignment Shops

Monday, March 16, 2009


New Season at the Consignment Shops

If you are a regular reader here, you will know that I think highly of consignment shops. If you would like to try shopping for free or just need to clean out your closets, now is the time to call your favorite consignment shop and set up an account to start selling your clothes. My local shop is now taking appointments for Spring clothing.

Consignments shops can provide a small bit of money in your pocket from the sale of clothes and the prices are a fraction of new clothing. Thrift shops are also good resource and usually even cheaper than consignment shops. You will want to plan an extra few minutes to shop thrift stores since the items are donated and there is a larger quantity of clothing which may not suit your preferences. This is in comparison to the consignments shops where the items are sold for a fee and pre-screened to meet the store's criteria. If you want to read how one mom makes thrift stores work, take a look at Shannon's post from Up Too Early on Thrift Stores.

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I LOVE to shop at consignment/thrift stores! I don't like to sell there though - not usually. I try to sell as much as I can through the seasonal consignment sales, because I can get more money that way. Then I take what's leftover and go to Once Upon a Child (love that immediate cash), have a yard sale, then send to Goodwill.

And my husband loves to point out to me that after all that effort, we could actually benefit more from the tax deduction (sending to Goodwill) than we could the cash! lol But the cash is so much more fun...
Alright! I just posted about thrift store this week too- it's totally time to get thrifty shopping, I can feel it! I found you from WFMW- it's great to meet you :)

Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi)

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