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Just Doing My Best: Smart clothing purchases for children

Friday, February 13, 2009


Smart clothing purchases for children

One of the best things we can do in our frugal homes is to make wise purchases. (Watch for an exciting product review section coming soon!) We can do this by planning ahead when we are shopping.
When my son was a baby, I loved buying the baseball blue sleepers and the construction themed outfits. When I found out I was expecting my daughter, my blue buying days were over, for a while. I left the fun, boyish outfits for the grandparents. Instead, I began purchasing green, white and yellow onesies and sleepers that the new baby, regardless of gender, could grow into after my son was finished with them.

Now that they are older, I still do this to a degree. Some items do not lend well to this idea but others are perfect. Turtlenecks (which you are buying on clearance for next year, right?), some shorts and some t-shirts are purchased gender neutral. Unless the bargain is too amazing, snow pants and snow boots are never purchased gender specific.

Friday's Frugal Tip of the Day - Think ahead in purchasing items for your oldest child and make sure the gender neutral base pieces are in neutral colors. This gets the longest possible life out of a piece.

When these pieces have been outgrown and assuming they are still in good shape, take them to your local consignment shop for resale. Some clothing items keep giving and giving!

Stop over and read how to shop for free.

You can read more tips at Frugal Friday hosted by Biblical Womanhood.

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I really like your blog, Heather.

I'm glad someone else thinks like this too. My son is now wearing hand-me-down snowpants I bought in blue for big sister with him in mind. I do this with toys, too. My youngest daughter, who loves pink, now has a green Leapster.

Thanks for sharing.
This is a really good idea. I wish I had thought of it before buying a bunch of boy clothes, because someday there WILL be a girl =)

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