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Just Doing My Best: Croutons in a pinch

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Croutons in a pinch

After a crazy week and a couple of not-so-healthy-meals, my guy and I decided a Buffalo Chicken Salad was exactly what we needed. We proceeded to make the best salad ever by incorporating just about every fresh veggie we could find in the fridge. The chicken was just right, seasoned perfectly, (thanks to the aforementioned "my guy") and the aroma filled the kitchen. The bed of veggies was colorful and crisp and awaiting the final assembly.

But, we had a problem. The best salad ever was missing a major ingredient- those little crispies that make a salad special...croutons. There were none in the house and this salad just HAD to have some. So, I reached for our kid's ranch-flavored Goldfish crackers and sprinkled some on top. I was unsure what to expect, but they were fantastic! (And kinda fun too.)

By the way, I could have called this post Making Salads Fun because this might be another handy way to entice kids to eat their salads. I posted some ways that work for our family here.

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