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Just Doing My Best: Frugal Family Fun - Toy Swap

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Frugal Family Fun - Toy Swap

For the past couple of weeks, I have talked about a Trash to Treasure party over at Happy to be at Home. The party entailed a group of ladies bringing unneeded items in good condition from their home to the host's house in which the other ladies could "shop." We were all able to leave the party with new, free treasures that suited our families. I listed several ideas and variations for the Trash to Treasure party in the articles at Happy to be at Home, but it got me thinking about how this party would tie into the Frugal Family Fun series perfectly.

If you know a few families with children about the same age as yours, consider a toy or book swap. You could invite them over for a BBQ or potluck and have them bring their outgrown or unused toys. This would work best with older children who understand the "trade" concept, though the party could be conducted without children present if toddler toys are involved.

A Toy Swap is a great way to spend time with friends and family while decluttering our homes of unneeded items and acquiring new treasures for free.

A Mommy Secret: If you have younger children, place some of the new toys out of sight for a while. When your children are having "one of those" days and just need a distraction or if you want to have a reward on hand for the unexpected accomplishments, you can pull out one of the "new" free toys.

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Really like the toy swap idea! I've also heard of the book swap idea being used as a birthday party theme.
I just had to say that the toy you pictured was my son's very first toy and he loved it as a baby/toddler.

Brings back memories!


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