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Just Doing My Best: Sell or Donate Your Books

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sell or Donate Your Books

This week I've been talking about what to do with the items after you have done your Spring cleaning and purged your house of the unneeded items. If you are a book lover, you know how these quickly these can accumulate. The book clutter becomes worse when you have children outgrowing their book collection. As part of Happy to be at Home's Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to give you 13 ideas on where you can trade your old books for cash or new books, as well as places to donate.

  1. Amazon.com is a reputable company and features a used section along side the new books.
  2. Barnes & Noble is another reputable merchant who offers a used section.
  3. Ebay is great for vintage books and books in high demand.
  4. Half.com is associated with Ebay. I've bought from them before with great success.
  5. Cash4Books.net sounds like a great program. I have not yet tried it, but this site is first on my list to try out.
  6. Half Price Books These chains are found locally and offer cash for your books, music, videos and magazines while you wait.
  7. Independent used book stores - These will be different in each community and depending on your town, there may be several to choose from.
  8. General consignment shops - Again, these will vary by community, but children's books would do quite well. Even better, look for a children's consignment shop and take the books and games there.
  9. Consider taking some books to your local children's hospital. Not only do the children enjoy reading material, but often the parents are away from home and would probably appreciate a temporary diversion.
  10. There are numerous sites online where you can donate your books. Each program differs and there are options for helping children, low-income families, urban children, and soldiers.
  11. PaperBackSwap.com is a popular place to swap your books for the price of shipping. I have never tried it, but have heard positive comments about it from other bloggers.
  12. If you homeschool, check the groups in your town or in the next town. Many groups gather in the Spring and Summer for book swaps or book sales.
  13. Swap with friends and make a party out of it. Choose a theme, i.e. children's books, DIY books, fiction, inspirational, etc. Invite some friends to your home and trade books while enjoying a snack.
What ideas do you have for unneeded books?

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Great ideas! Love the book swap idea! I have several friends that love the same types of books I do so that would be great!
I usually give my books to charity shops. I sell some of the more popular or expensive coffee table style ones.
Thanks for sharing all these tips, Heather. You have a lot of helpful information here!

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