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Just Doing My Best: Thanks to the Canned Food Alliance and TheMotherhood.com

Friday, March 27, 2009


Thanks to the Canned Food Alliance and TheMotherhood.com

Look what I found on my front porch!

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Food Pantry Challenge at TheMotherhood.com sponsored by the Canned Food Alliance. The challenge was to not buy any food, other than necessary perishables such as milk and produce, for one week. We were to feed our family with only what was already in our pantry.

The prize went to the first 10 moms who participated and reported back to TheMotherhood.com. We shared daily menus and recipes and I think we even helped one mom use up some coconut milk!

The Canned Food Alliance donated this basket filled with a variety of canned foods and several recipe booklets to each of us and then made a donation in our names to our local food pantry.

Did you know canned food does not spoil? Assuming the can is not dented, the quality will change after about two years, but it will still be safe to eat for years later. You won't believe how old some cans were that were found on a sunken ship and were still microbiologically safe. You can find out how old these cans were, recipes, and time-saving tips at Mealtime.org. I thought the Red-Bean Salsa Grilled Chicken and the Maple Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake sounded fantastic.

Here's my challenge to you: take a peek in your pantry and see what item you have forgotten existed or have been avoiding. Then, go to a recipe site like Allrecipes.com, and using their ingredient search at the top of the page, type in your item, and find a recipe to get those old products out of your pantry.

I'd love to hear what item you found in your pantry that must be used, and how you prepared it.

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I always think I will do this, but I never do. Maybe you have inspired me! I like your blog and am posting it as one of the ones I follow.
Thanks Lynette! I appreciate that!
Congratulations!!!! Your basket looks fantastic!!!! Thanks so much again for participating in the Pantry Challenge!!! xoxo, Emily

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