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Just Doing My Best: Storing cheese correctly

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Storing cheese correctly

Are you shortening the life of the cheese in your fridge? Plastic bags and plastic wrap seem to be the most popular way in America to store cheese. In fact, we bring the cheese home from the store wrapped in plastic, then we replace the original plastic wrapper with a new plastic wrapper. Cheese is a living organism and needs to breathe, so the plastic should not directly touch it.

The best way to store hard to semi-hard cheese is in foil, parchment paper or wax paper. Foil is the only way I store block cheese and it always lasts for a very long time with no signs of mold or drying out. We have used it for semi-hard to hard cheese, from cheddar and Gouda to Parmesan, and it works beautifully.

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We wrap our cheese in two paper towels before we put it in a ziploc. It has extended the life of our cheese but I am going to try foil. Thank you for the tip.

I have a large block of cheese right now and I'm going to give the foil a try. thanks!
Very interesting- thanks for the tip!
Very good tip. Thanks.
Great tip. I will have to try this, although cheese doesn't tend to last long in our house. We love our cheese.
I agree with Buffie, cheese doesn't last very long in our home...but I'm going to try this also. :)
Thank you so much for this. We live in an extremely rural part of Alaska and we shop rarely but in bulk (ie, we shop about once every 2-3 months). I've tried several things but always end up losing some cheese to mold by the end, so THANK YOU I will definitely be doing this from now on!
Thanks for the great tip. I'll have to do this in the future.
Wow, I had no idea -- been using ziplock bags forever. Thanks so much -- love your blog!
Thanks for the cheese tip! I have changed to foil.

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