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Just Doing My Best: Report Card Freebies

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Report Card Freebies

My children are excited about their upcoming report cards. Since they are excited and not worried, that means this mom is relieved and excited too.

We do not pay per grade earned, but I did want them to enjoy some benefits of their hard work so I did some research hoping to find companies who are willing to reward hard-working students.

I found these offers and they were verified online:
Chuck E. Cheese - free tokens based on grades earned
IBC Bakery Outlets - a snack cake for the child and loaf of bread for the parents.

These could not be verified at corporate websites, so you will want to check your local store:
Krispy Kreme - free donut
Graeters - free ice cream

Are you familiar with any report card incentives?

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I know that some banking institutions offer incentives for good grades.

Mine deposits $5 into the child's account if they bring in their report card with all A's and B's.

That's a great incentive! I will have to check ours out. Thanks for reading and commenting!

I really need to be better about rewards for my kids...they get good grades, and I should do more from time to time than just tell them "good job". Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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