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Just Doing My Best: I Won a Prize!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I Won a Prize!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

A huge THANK YOU to 5 Minutes for Mom for a generous Macy's giftcard that I won at the Sitewarming Party for the Ultimate Blog Party. I love shopping at Macy's and need to pick up a few Spring items so this is perfect!

If you have not checked out the Ultimate Blog Party yet, scroll down and read my post about it. When you follow the links in that post, you will find hundreds and hundreds of other blogger's links to their sites. This party is particularly great if you are looking for new blogs to read or blogs in a specific niche, not to mention the hundreds of giveaways.

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and you already won! wow! congrats!!!
Click Here To Read My Party Post
Thanks for stopping by my party. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I haven't taken a long time reading your posts yet, but that's my next step. Too bad you don't like gardening. I just love watching all my flowers and plants grow. My son is starting to follow in his mothers foot steps. He just loves to see his "Babies" grow.
I love the title of you blog. Just doing my best... Thats the story of my life.
You have a great blog! So glad to meet you on Twitter and find you at the party!! Keep up the fab work!
Wow! That's great that you won something. Makes all that clicking worthwhile, huh?


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