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Just Doing My Best: Frugal Family Fun - A New Twist on Playgrounds

Friday, March 20, 2009


Frugal Family Fun - A New Twist on Playgrounds

In celebration of the Ultimate Blog Party, this is the kick-off to my Frugal Family Fun series. You will see posts weekly, probably near the weekends, with ideas for enjoying your family without spending much, if any, of your family's hard-earned money.

My children and I had a fantastic evening at the town's playground a few nights ago. (Stay with me here, it gets better than just a plain ole playground.) They enjoyed it and we stayed about 20 minutes or so. When I asked if they were ready to leave, of course they shouted an emphatic "no," but when I told them we were going to another playground, their eyes lit up and they raced for the vehicle. That night, we covered 4 playgrounds (though some were attempts due to construction) all within 20 minutes of our home.

This completely free idea will be used again this summer when we venture into our closest city to find more playgrounds. We will pack a lunch and make a day of seeing how many playgrounds we can fit into a day. If you try this, don't forget about church and school playgrounds in addition to the city playgrounds.

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Playground hopping--how fun is that?! Great idea. :)

My kiddos just love going to town and playing at the park. Hard to pry them away.
What a great frugal and fun idea! We have several wonderful playgrounds in the area, too.
This is a GREAT idea! We have two playgrounds, each of them about 25-30 minutes walking distance from us. I usually make the kids choose one, and we walk there. (That way, I get my exercise for the day.)

Anyhow, we may have to mix it up and use the car to do this fun activity. thanks! I can't wait to read more.

(And thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog!) :-)
What a cute idea. My children are past the playground thing, expect that they do like parks where you can play basketball and things like that.
I love the idea of frugal family time. I'm a pretty cheap mom.

Playgrounds are great aren't they?
Even in Tiny Town, we have 3 different park areas. I never thought of visiting them all in one day. What a great idea. Thank you!
We have a ton of playgrounds around me and my kids love them. We usually choose one a day. This is a great idea!
That's a great idea! We don't drive but have lots of playgrounds within walking distance and could visit several in one day. Thanks!
how adorable! I am sure you kids will love and cherish these days! once my tot gets older we will have to give this a try.
I love this idea. My daughter is just hitting playground age so this should be great to try this spring and summer. Thanks.
We have so many parks around here, to skip from park to park always experiencing something new, would be a great way to spend the summer. Thanks for a great idea!
Cool! We usually make a list after searching the 'net and try to hit as many as we can through the summer.


Never thought about making it like a pub crawl all in one day thought. LOL
This may sound oober nerdy, but I just did a lesson on making t-charts at school! If you wanted to follow up your playground hopping day with a high interest lesson, why not list pros and cons of each playground using a t-chart? Or a lesson on opinions... I like this playground because... OR! You could do a math lesson and make a graph of how many of the playgrounds had swings, slides, bars, ect... I love to take high interest stuff and use it for learning!
Great idea. I'll store it away for when mine are a little older. For now, they are content with getting to one.

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