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Just Doing My Best: No more excuses for not eating your veggies

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


No more excuses for not eating your veggies

The biggest time saver in my kitchen is prepping veggies before we need them. Once a week I will wash, de-core, peel, chop and slice the week's purchases and put them into their own containers.

When I prep the vegetables ahead of time, there are always healthy snacks ready for hungry children (and adults.) When we want a salad, we merely have to assemble the pre-cut veggies, or perhaps just cut them into smaller pieces if they are not already salad size. Also, when making pizzas or casseroles, the veggies are already washed, peeled, de-cored, etc., and all I have to do is chop them more finely for the casserole.

Now, there are no more excuses left for us not eating our freshly prepared, readily available vegetables...

You can read more kitchen tips at Tammysrecipes.com.

What do you consider the biggest time-saver in your kitchen?

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I try to do this when I can remember! I should remember more often because it really is a time saver.

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