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Just Doing My Best: How to Pay Less for Your Newspaper

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


How to Pay Less for Your Newspaper

At one time, when the economy was stronger and the newspaper industry was not cutting jobs, I could occasionally pick up my Sunday newspaper at Walmart or Walgreens for 99 cents, which would be a sale price from the original $1.75. I am an avid coupon fanatic, so I would buy a couple in order to have the extra coupons. For one 99 cent paper, I could break even by redeeming just one 50 cent coupon at a store that doubles.

These 99 cent newspaper bargains have ceased and $1.75 is the new weekly norm, unless I go to the Dollar Tree. They still sell papers for $1.00 so when there is a week that I know I want extra coupons, I head to the Dollar Tree to pick up my $1 newspapers. (I'm not sure if this is available in other newspaper markets or other $1 only type stores. Maybe a few readers could fill us in if you know this is available in your area.)

Paying a discounted price for newspapers work for me. For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, visit our new host at We Are THAT Family.

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I used to get the Sunday paper on Monday at a Dollar Tree for 50 cents. I had to go early in the morning before they were gone, but it was worth it. That was in MD (we no longer live there) and I have yet to try the stores in my new area, but plan to stop by there soon!

Thanks for the great tip!

Amy ~ The Salty Momma
LOVE the tip! I never knew that! I'm a coupon junkie, too, when I make myself get on the ball and I thought tonight about getting multiple papers delivered, but I like this idea better!
Our Sam's has the Sunday paper for 99 cents.
I need to keep this in mind when I"m clipping coupons.
Over here in the Pacific Northwest, our Dollar Trees don't carry papers...boo hoo! That would have been a great way to get a cheap paper.
I have never heard of this I will have to see if it works around here
I don't know of anyplace that sells a discounted newspaper so you are fortunate! We just read the news online and sometimes buy the Sunday paper.
I do this too, especially when I want to get multiple copies. The savings makes me feel like I'm getting a couple of free papers.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your comments. It sounds like this is a regional thing, but it might be worth checking in your area to be sure.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
I did not do this on purpose but I subscribed to the paper, then later canceled because I found it was cheaper to buy it at the store. They still keep bringing it to me! So I will enjoy it until the guy realizes I am on the canceled list, but after that I have not found it cheaper than 1.75.


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