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Just Doing My Best: More great clearance deals and Blissdom '09

Monday, January 26, 2009


More great clearance deals and Blissdom '09

Ok, so it isn't quite as practical as the pajamas at Target from a couple of days ago, but my DD is going to love my latest finds. If you need to stock up for some upcoming birthdays, you might want to check out JC Penney.

I was there today looking for a new outfit for Blissdom '09 (I'm so excited!) and stopped by the girls department to see if I could find some clearance jeans for DD. They still had quite a few styles so I bought a size ahead. $5 for Arizona jeans is pretty good, imho. They had Hannah Montana and High School Musical items at crazy discounts. There were a couple of other miscellaneous brands mixed in as well.

I found a Webkinz mouse pad for DD's new computer desk for 48 cents. I also found a HSM camera for $1.48. She has been begging for a camera. Unbelievable. All the clearance was 50% off the lowest price and these were the already cheap green clearance tickets.

A bonus, I picked up a T-shirt for DH for 5.99 and would be about $3 after the 50% came off. It rang up 98 cents. Check those prices at the self scanners and stock up while it's cheap!

Have fun shopping! And yes, I found a couple of great tops for the conference. Anyone else going to Blissdom '09? If so, shoot me a line. I'd love to "meet" you before we get there.

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